Open It Up, or Shut It Down?

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  • 27 Jun, 2017

Should You Have an Open Floor Plan in Your Home?

If you’re the type of person who loves to watch home-improvement TV shows, you’re probably familiar with hosts and participants gushing about open floor plans. Open floor plans have become all the rage in the past few years. But if you’re considering building a house, you might be wondering whether an open floor plan is right for you, or whether you’d be better off opting for a traditional closed floor plan.

We can’t tell which is best for your family – after all, you know your family better than we do! But what we can do is give you some of the pros and cons of open floor plans. Once you have the right information in hand, you can make the decision that’s best for you.


The Pros

Open floor plans are great for entertaining. If you’ve ever felt trapped in the kitchen during a dinner party or Thanksgiving preparations, an open floor plan can be perfect for you. Without walls separating the family room, dining room, or living room from the kitchen, you can still converse with your guests while you peel the potatoes and check on the turkey.


You can enjoy the view and the light. With an open floor plan, natural light will stream in through the windows and illuminate your entire house. You can sit at the bar counter and enjoy your morning coffee while surveying the backyard.


They’re great for smaller homes. An open floor plan can make even a small house feel big. Plus, you can get multiple uses out of the same space, helping everyone feel like they have plenty of elbow room.


It’s easy to enjoy family time. Mom and Dad can pay the bills at the kitchen table while the kids are playing in the family room. Even if you have to divide and conquer certain tasks, you can still feel like you’re together and have conversations. Plus, open floor plans make it easy to keep an eye on the kids.


The Cons

Open floor plans don’t allow for much privacy. If you can’t stand your partner’s taste in reality TV or would much rather not watch the kids “save the world” with their video games for the umpteenth time, an open floor plan might not be for you. Open floor plans can also make it difficult to find a place to have a private conversation.


You won’t have a lot of wall space. People who love hanging up artwork might find it better to opt for a closed floor plan so they have plenty of display space. This goes double for artwork that can’t be placed in direct sunlight.


Things can get noisy. Walls can do a lot to block sound, and without walls, that means the sound will go everywhere. If you have young children who need to take naps, it might be worthwhile to consider a closed floor plan.


Messes can spread more easily. Picture the dog coming in from rolling in the mud or your toddler deciding to finger-paint the entire house. It’s much easier to contain those messes if you can shut a door until you catch and clean up the culprit!


The Secret? Compromise.

The key thing to remember when deciding on an open or closed floor plan is that most houses have elements of both. After all, pretty much no one wants the open floor plan to extend to the bathroom or the bedrooms! If you like the idea of having fun entertainment space but also need quiet and privacy, you can create a great room that combines the kitchen, family room, and even dining room and living room while making a separate home office or den for quiet work.


And remember – it’s your custom home. The builders here at Legion Builders can always work with you to create a design that works for your family. Who cares if it’s not the same as the homes on the TV shows? Those hosts and producers don’t have to live there. You do!


Give us a call today to learn more about your floorplan options. We look forward to helping you create your dream home.

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