Let’s Talk About Floorplans

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  • 03 Apr, 2017

If you’re overwhelmed with the custom home building process, start by going over classic floor plans to help you identify your needs and wants. 

Thinking about building your own home? Choosing a floor plan is one of the most important steps in the process. You already know that your floor plan should suit your lifestyle, and you also know that you need to pick the right layout to fit into your neighborhood and community.


So, what do you do next? Reviewing common floor plans and home styles can help you decide on the must-haves and other design elements you prefer. Eliminate styles you don’t like, and keep a list of the features you do like. This will help you choose between compartmentalized floor plans where walls separate rooms and more modern styles where an open floor plan concept might suit your needs better.


Common Plans:



These classic and beautiful homes embrace many sizes and styles. Large and small options are available, and they feature a single-story, or sometimes a split-level layout.


Walkout Basement

These homes allow for natural light even in the basement; many of these homes can be embellished with a patio built just outside your back door.



This style was influenced by the early 19th-century British and American movement to revive handicrafts. These homes are cozy, with shingle siding, stone details and open porches with overhanging beams and rafters.



This style of architecture is part of architectural revival styles from the mid-to-late 19th century. Queen Victoria reigned 1837–1901, better known as the Victorian era, during which period the styles known as Victorian were used in construction.



Farmhouse style homes have a porch that stretches along the front of the home and often wraps around to the side or rear. The home is characterized by a steeply pitched roof running along the length of the home.



This common type of home may include one or more architectural style, without being easily classified as any particular style. They may display multiple stylistic influences or a pared-down, modern-day interpretation of other historic styles.


The Power Of Custom

Our team will help you create a design that flows from room to room. We’ll create a plan around your furnishings and unique style, so that your home is fully functional and comfortable.


Call us today to start thinking about floor plans and much more.



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