Home Builders in Houston TX with Creative Ceiling Ideas

  • By lemaster
  • 15 Apr, 2016

When it comes to building a custom home for your family, you can look up to the most reputable home builders in Houston TX . By incorporating different ceiling heights and ceiling designs, it spices up your living environment. One important decision to make when working with a custom home builder for a home on your lot is whether to build a one-story or a two-story. Contemporary one-story homes often have a high ceiling height while ranch and modern homes often have lower ceilings. If you desire a dramatic two-story entryway, you will likely want a two-story model. Once you decide on the architectural style of home and ceiling height, you can choose other ceiling options such as tray ceilings, coffered ceilings or beams on the ceilings.

Tray ceilings

Tray ceilings are most popular for bedrooms or rooms where you want elegance. Intricate woodwork often raises the value of your home. Some decisions to make when choosing ceiling designs is whether to make the ceiling recessed or inverted and whether to paint the ceiling contrasting colors. Design experts recommend tray ceilings for large rooms with higher ceiling heights. You could use the center point to hang a pendant light or decorative lighting fixture.

Coffered ceilings

Coffered ceilings look like squares on your ceiling, which works well in modern-style as well as contemporary homes. You can bring visual interest to your home by putting in coffered ceilings in the kitchen, living room or office. One idea is to paint the beams of your coffered ceilings a glossy white contrasted with a beige ceiling paint color. You can add recessed lights within the “boxes” of the coffered ceilings.

Whether you add architectural interest to your home with ceiling beams, tray ceilings or coffered ceilings, it will require the help of an experienced home builder in Houston TX. At Legion Builders, we build custom homes on your lot in the Houston, Texas area. Our luxury homes reflect our dedication for quality and our partnership with world-class suppliers.

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