Finance Your Custom Home

Take advantage of historically low interest rates to build your custom home!

“It’s the best time in our generation to buy. It may be the best time in any generation. Mortgage rates are so low…you couldn’t pick a better time to buy.”

- Mark Zandi (Chief economist at Moody’s on

Outstanding Custom Home Financing

At Legion Builders, we take pride in delivering a superior experience at every stage of the home building process – including financing. That is why we have a dedicated loan officer who can help you secure the financing you need for your dream home. Not only will we offer you unparalleled convenience, we can also help you find incentives you won’t get anywhere else.

Our personalized service makes the process easier for everyone from first-time home buyers to people building luxury homes. We want to ensure that the loan process is as convenient as possible, so we offer many different financing options to meet your needs. We offer all of the following loan programs for qualified buyers:

Custom Home Builders Bellaire, TX

  • Pre-approved home loans, so you know just what you can afford
  • Many loan programs, including FHA and VA fixed-rate loans
  • Many financing options to help you afford the design choice you've set your heart on

  • Low closing costs and competitive interest rates
  • Long-term rate lock-in options for new construction financing

With unmatched service, safety, and reliability, Legion Builders offers everything you need to build and finance your dream home. Take advantage of historically low interest rates and start building the home you’ve always wanted. Call us today to schedule your free consultation!

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