Energy Efficient Luxury Custom Homes

Energy Efficient Luxury Custom Homes in Houston, TX

Legion Builders is an energy-efficient home builder for the Houston, TX; West University, TX and Bellaire, TX areas. We have built countless custom luxury homes with energy-efficient features such as solar-powered homes, homes with energy-efficient lighting, energy-efficient windows and more. Plus, you can save money by simply choosing energy-efficient products over standard products.

Energy Efficient Homes Bellaire, TX

Our custom home builders are happy to show you some of our eco-friendly recommendations for your new dream home. As an affiliate of Energy Star® products, we want to make sure that your home looks perfect and is benefiting the environment and your wallet!

Making the Switch to Energy Efficiency in the Houston, TX area.

Our team will provide a wide range of energy-efficient options to make your home eco-friendlier and to help you save on your monthly energy bill. Some of our recommendations include the following:

• Eco-friendly Insulation
• Installing Solar Panels
• Energy-Efficient Lighting
• Energy Star Appliances
• Energy-Efficient Water Heaters
• Solar Thermal System Installation

Have questions? Contact our energy-efficient home builders today to learn more about building your very own custom luxury eco-home.

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