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By proadAccountId-354071 27 Jun, 2017

If you’re the type of person who loves to watch home-improvement TV shows, you’re probably familiar with hosts and participants gushing about open floor plans. Open floor plans have become all the rage in the past few years. But if you’re considering building a house, you might be wondering whether an open floor plan is right for you, or whether you’d be better off opting for a traditional closed floor plan.

We can’t tell which is best for your family – after all, you know your family better than we do! But what we can do is give you some of the pros and cons of open floor plans. Once you have the right information in hand, you can make the decision that’s best for you.


The Pros

Open floor plans are great for entertaining. If you’ve ever felt trapped in the kitchen during a dinner party or Thanksgiving preparations, an open floor plan can be perfect for you. Without walls separating the family room, dining room, or living room from the kitchen, you can still converse with your guests while you peel the potatoes and check on the turkey.


You can enjoy the view and the light. With an open floor plan, natural light will stream in through the windows and illuminate your entire house. You can sit at the bar counter and enjoy your morning coffee while surveying the backyard.


They’re great for smaller homes. An open floor plan can make even a small house feel big. Plus, you can get multiple uses out of the same space, helping everyone feel like they have plenty of elbow room.


It’s easy to enjoy family time. Mom and Dad can pay the bills at the kitchen table while the kids are playing in the family room. Even if you have to divide and conquer certain tasks, you can still feel like you’re together and have conversations. Plus, open floor plans make it easy to keep an eye on the kids.


The Cons

Open floor plans don’t allow for much privacy. If you can’t stand your partner’s taste in reality TV or would much rather not watch the kids “save the world” with their video games for the umpteenth time, an open floor plan might not be for you. Open floor plans can also make it difficult to find a place to have a private conversation.


You won’t have a lot of wall space. People who love hanging up artwork might find it better to opt for a closed floor plan so they have plenty of display space. This goes double for artwork that can’t be placed in direct sunlight.


Things can get noisy. Walls can do a lot to block sound, and without walls, that means the sound will go everywhere. If you have young children who need to take naps, it might be worthwhile to consider a closed floor plan.


Messes can spread more easily. Picture the dog coming in from rolling in the mud or your toddler deciding to finger-paint the entire house. It’s much easier to contain those messes if you can shut a door until you catch and clean up the culprit!


The Secret? Compromise.

The key thing to remember when deciding on an open or closed floor plan is that most houses have elements of both. After all, pretty much no one wants the open floor plan to extend to the bathroom or the bedrooms! If you like the idea of having fun entertainment space but also need quiet and privacy, you can create a great room that combines the kitchen, family room, and even dining room and living room while making a separate home office or den for quiet work.


And remember – it’s your custom home. The builders here at Legion Builders can always work with you to create a design that works for your family. Who cares if it’s not the same as the homes on the TV shows? Those hosts and producers don’t have to live there. You do!


Give us a call today to learn more about your floorplan options. We look forward to helping you create your dream home.

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Life is all about compromise, and the same is true of building a custom luxury home. Your wish list might be long, but your budget is finite.

The good news is that when you build a custom luxury home in Houston, TX, you get to choose what compromises you make – those compromises aren’t made for you by previous owners. This allows you to spend money on what really matters to you, while at the same time saving on those things that aren’t as important or can easily be upgraded later on.


So without further ado, here are our quick tips on where to save when you build your home in Houston, West University or Bellaire, TX and where to splurge.


Save: Lights, Fans, and Fixtures


If you’re a handy person, you can choose less-expensive fixtures now and upgrade them as the years go by. However, even if you’d rather have us do all the work upfront (so you don’t have to), it’s still possible to save on these items. The process of building your dream home takes months, giving you plenty of time to shop around, look online, and find the perfect finishing touches for your home at discount prices. Just make sure you are very clear on the timeline so you can have all the necessary supplies when they’re needed.


Splurge: Quality Construction Materials & Structural Components


Vinyl siding, metal roofing, energy-efficient electronics and HVAC: high-quality materials often cost more upfront, but they’ll save you a bundle over the long run. Investing in quality now means you won’t have to deal with expensive repairs later. Spending extra money for efficiency means you’ll save on energy bills for years to come. Plus, some truly quality building materials, like certain types of metal roofs, can last for up to 50 years. With a lifespan like that, you might never have to replace your roof!


Save: Flooring


When we suggest saving on flooring materials, what we’re talking about is opting for low-cost materials like vinyl flooring or laminate over more expensive materials like hardwood or tile, not compromising on quality or the structure of your home. Laminate flooring can look just as good as hardwood, and certain types of vinyl flooring can mimic the look of tile or wood. You can always upgrade the flooring later.


Splurge: Planning


Knowing exactly what you want and planning out everything in advance is worth every penny (and moment of time) you spend on it. One of the most expensive parts of building a home is changing your mind in the middle. If you have truly thought out and invested wisely in the planning, you won’t want to change your mind midway through, which makes it easier to stay within your budget.


Save: Fleeting Trends


When you build a custom home, the plan is to stay in it for a long time. It doesn’t make sense to spend extra money for features that will become dated while you still are living in the home. This can go beyond looks. For instance, gourmet kitchens are all the rage right now, but if no one in your family likes to cook, it doesn’t make sense to spend the money on top-of-the-line appliances that will rarely be used.


Splurge: What Matters Most to You


You are investing a lot of time and a lot of money into your custom home. If you’ve always wanted a three-car garage, a second-floor laundry, an entertainment room with movie-theater seating, or anything else, spend the money! The enjoyment you derive from the space will be more than worth the money you spend on it.


At the end of the day, building a custom luxury home isn’t about spending big so you can have the glitziest home on the block. It’s about spending wisely, so you can maximize the value of every dollar and get the home you will love living in for decades to come. Once you do that, you’ll have your dream home in Houston, TX!

By proadAccountId-354071 03 Apr, 2017

Thinking about building your own home? Choosing a floor plan is one of the most important steps in the process. You already know that your floor plan should suit your lifestyle, and you also know that you need to pick the right layout to fit into your neighborhood and community.


So, what do you do next? Reviewing common floor plans and home styles can help you decide on the must-haves and other design elements you prefer. Eliminate styles you don’t like, and keep a list of the features you do like. This will help you choose between compartmentalized floor plans where walls separate rooms and more modern styles where an open floor plan concept might suit your needs better.


Common Plans:



These classic and beautiful homes embrace many sizes and styles. Large and small options are available, and they feature a single-story, or sometimes a split-level layout.


Walkout Basement

These homes allow for natural light even in the basement; many of these homes can be embellished with a patio built just outside your back door.



This style was influenced by the early 19th-century British and American movement to revive handicrafts. These homes are cozy, with shingle siding, stone details and open porches with overhanging beams and rafters.



This style of architecture is part of architectural revival styles from the mid-to-late 19th century. Queen Victoria reigned 1837–1901, better known as the Victorian era, during which period the styles known as Victorian were used in construction.



Farmhouse style homes have a porch that stretches along the front of the home and often wraps around to the side or rear. The home is characterized by a steeply pitched roof running along the length of the home.



This common type of home may include one or more architectural style, without being easily classified as any particular style. They may display multiple stylistic influences or a pared-down, modern-day interpretation of other historic styles.


The Power Of Custom

Our team will help you create a design that flows from room to room. We’ll create a plan around your furnishings and unique style, so that your home is fully functional and comfortable.


Call us today to start thinking about floor plans and much more.



By proadAccountId-354071 16 Feb, 2017

1. Find the Right Builder

This may seem like an obvious tip but when it comes to finding the right home builder, doing your research means more than you know. Get on websites such as HomeAdvisor, Houzz and Angie’s List to see customer reviews for your local home builders. These websites also show credentials, licenses, and more information needed to choose the right home builder. You even have the option to browse past projects to see if their building style matches up with your vision for your new home. Finally, meet with the owner of the company and make sure that they have the right attitude, communication skills, and plan that coincides with your budget. These factors are all essential to building your new dream home the way you want it, without a hitch.

2. Stay Within Your Budget
When building your custom home, it is easy to go a little overboard with the home plans. However, it is extremely important to stay within your budget. Make sure to share your plans with the builder. If the builder has the experience, they should be able to give you an accurate estimate for the work before building. It’s easy to plan for a home theater, indoor swimming pool and other extravagant features, but make sure these are features that you can afford and make sense with your lifestyle.

3. Hire Locally-Owned Contractors

Hiring local means your contractors and builders are always within reaching distance, also meaning your new home will be finished on time. Not-to-mention, you can always ask around the local community about their own personal experiences.

4. Build a Home to Grow in

It is very important to build a home that you will grow in. If you plan on extending your family, or maybe having the in-laws stay at your home, take these things into consideration prior to planning your project. Building a home that you are able to create a life in, one that has enough space to fit all of your loved ones new or old, is always an important factor to consider.

When it comes to custom home building in Houston, Texas, trust the experienced luxury home construction team at Legion Builders. Give us a call for an estimate on your new home (281) 914-3080.

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Are you thinking about buying a new home, or maybe even your first home? Some home buyers choose to purchase a pre-existing home because it can be done relatively quickly and the buyer doesn’t have to think about creating every small detail of the home. However, for some individuals, couples, and families, custom building is becoming more and more attractive.


There are many benefits of building your own custom home. Here at Legion Builders, we’ve broken it down into what we believe are the top five benefits:


  1. Save Money: Most people believe that they are saving money when they purchase an existing home. But have you thought about all of the fixing up and upgrades you’ll have to do throughout the years? What may seem minor could cost you thousands! So instead, why not build your home to your exact specifications? You certainly won’t have to worry about updating your home any time soon.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Homeowners are now more concerned than ever about being energy efficient. Let our team install highly efficient windows, doors, insulation, and more into your new custom home. This way you can save money each month on your energy bills.
  3. Custom Appliances: Many people don’t think about the wiring, draining, pipes, and more when buying a home. So maybe the highly efficient appliances you have your eye on will require major electrical or plumbing upgrades. When you build a custom home, you can make sure that all of your electrical and plumbing systems are up to date and able to easily accommodate today’s most efficient appliances.
  4. Functionality: Sometimes when you buy a home from another homeowner, they have spaces in the home that don’t work for your family. Our custom builders will make sure that every space is put to good use and that you can enjoy your home in its entirety.
  5. Choice: You have all of the power when it comes to designing and constructing your home. From the smallest details to the location of the lot, it’s all up to you. The possibilities are truly endless, and in the end, you’ll have a custom home that truly reflects you and your family.


To learn more about custom home building, give us at Legion Builders today a call today!
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Are you ready to bring in the holiday season in style? Stay busy on the weekends or after work by completing some simple home improvement projects to get your home ready for upcoming family gatherings and the new year. Check out these easy ways to give your space a much-needed update without breaking the bank.


1.       Paint It Fresh


If you’re working with a small home makeover budget, one of the first things you should consider is applying a new coat of paint to freshen up your walls. Although the living room is where many people congregate, we suggest painting your dining room first. This room is often neglected by homeowners, and a new color can do wonders to update the look and feel of your home. Paint is an economical way to transform your space.


2.       Illuminate Your Space


Light fixtures are such an easy and beautiful way to change the focus of a room. If your dining room or living room is missing a certain design element or awe factor, then select a dynamic and eye-catching light fixture to make a statement.


If you aren’t interested in splurging for a new fixture, try shopping for unique lightbulbs that can add an interesting flair to your home.


3.       New Fabrics & Accents


With the holiday season upon us and the new year approaching, it’s time to put away the linen pillows and replace them with velvet, suede, or faux fur styles. Try to switch out pastel colors with rich, warm tones instead. Layer a cozy throw on your overstuffed chairs and sofa or look into getting a new area rug with texture and earthy colors.

By proadAccountId-354071 10 Nov, 2016

Legion Builders will work with you to create a floorplan that suits your lifestyle. Before working on the design, it’s important to assess your needs and start thinking about how you want your home to look. Deciding how many bedrooms and bathrooms you would like is the easy part! Now it’s time to consider the details.

1.      Ceiling Height

If you’ve always wanted high ceilings, now is your time to speak up. Make sure your tall guests don’t have to duck under doorways or archways when visiting you, but know that your energy bills will be higher with higher ceilings.


2.      Ample Storage

Storage space can make any home feel more comfortable. Where do you typically require storage? Think about your living situation now, and make a list of the rooms you would like to have cabinets, cupboards or closets.


3.      Switches & Electrical Outlets

If you’ve ever been in a room with too few outlets, you know how much of a pain it is. Or if an outlet isn’t situated in a convenient spot, it can make things even worse. Assess your living room in terms of lights and your entertainment system and determine how many outlets you want in your living room, bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. Don’t forget about your exterior outlets!


4.      Convenient Laundry Setup

Many home buyers can forget to plan their laundry room. Which floor would you like your machines on? Would it make your life easier to have your machines off the kitchen or in the basement? A larger laundry room can make the chore more enjoyable.


All Things Considered

There are so many important things to consider when building your home that it’s easy to overlook the most obvious things. Review the list above and consult with your designer. Call today or browse our website to learn more about how we can help you!

By proadAccountId-354071 21 Sep, 2016

Nothing is more exciting than the idea of building a brand new home for you and your family. Legion Builders, a leading Texas home builder, loves to bring your dreams to reality. We deliver superior experience at every single level of the process, including financing. However, before you contact us for your free consultation we recommend the following steps:


1.    Gather all necessary materials/information

If you are looking to build a new home, it is important you start planning far in advance. Gather the necessary documents, i.e. information on finances, employment and assets. Having a better idea of your expenses and income will give you a clear idea of what type of financing plan you will need.


2.    Review your credit scores


We recommend this step be done far in advance as most interested home builders run into outdated or inaccurate information on their credit scores. Review your credit score to make sure all information is correct, as this will play a very important role in what kind of financing terms you are offered.


3.    Figure out what you can afford


When you have pulled together all of your necessary financial information it is time to sit down and go through it. Figuring out exactly what type of building plan is within your means is a crucial step before moving onto the design process. We encourage you to work your numbers to determine exactly where your comfort level of spending is.


4.    Research your options


After getting a better idea of your financial status, the process of finding a home builder can be that much more easy and efficient. We understand the industry can be overwhelming at times. However, we believe it is incredibly important to research potential builders to find the perfect match for your needs!


Legion Builders offers you everything you need to build and finance the home of your dreams. We have historically low interest rates, and offer various loan programs including FHS and VHA fixed rate loans. Call us today or visit our website and schedule your free consultation!

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An emerging theme in home building/home design we’ve previously discussed is incorporating ideas like sustainability, eco-friendly and ‘green’ amenities. These design features will not only help homebuilders save the environment, they will also help save on their bills later down the road! Legion Builder understands the desire for eco-friendly living and we are here to work with you to build a dream and green home.


1.    Energy Star Appliances


Did you know energy star appliances are up to 40% more efficient? Energy Star boasts that their program “stands alone as the most successful voluntary energy conservation movement in history”. From refrigerators to air purifiers, Energy Star is the smarter way to go if you are looking to save energy and protect the environment.


2.    Low Water Appliances


The appliances that normally use the most water include washing machine, dishwasher, shower and toilet. Simply reducing just one of these could save you a lot of money in the long run, while also helping to conserve water in your area!


3.    Energy Efficient Light Fixtures


By installing light fixtures that have earned the Energy Star you are not only saving money, you are also protecting the environment from harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Utilizing these options distributes light more efficiently and effectively which in turn brings quality and also cutting edge lighting design into your home.


4.    Consider Solar Panels


Solar energy is about as natural as it gets, it is not only sustainable but also renewable. Solar energy helps to slow and stop global warming by not emitting harmful pollutions into our air. Plus, it can save you thousands of dollars in energy bills (especially in very sunny regions)!


Saving money and helping the environment are two things that don’t normally go hand in hand, but in the case of home building they do! Legion Builders is committed to creating you a home you are proud and excited to reside in. For more information about the different amenities we offer, visit our website or give us a call at (281) 914-3080.

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Design is always evolving. Similar to fashion, the home building industry also experiences trends. Legion Builders is always looking for new and innovative ways to make your luxury home beautifully yours! Check out these trends below to see some of the most popular right now:


1.    Sustainable Homes


The idea of a new home that is also environmentally sustainable is a very common trend at the moment. Homeowners care about the environment, and if there are specific amenities that can help their house “go green” they are willing to incorporate them.


2.    Drought Awareness


On top of environmental sustainability, it is no secret that drought severely affects many areas of the U.S. Some areas even have mandated water usage! As a homeowner, you can add specific water saving fixtures such as low-flow toilets and showers.


3.    Reclaimed/Natural Materials


Out with the new and in with the old. Reclaimed materials such as wood and stone are not only financially savvy but also in! Using reclaimed materials can give off a sense of character and authenticity in a brand new custom home.


4.    Modern Design Meets a Softer Look


Modern has been a tried and true style in home building for many years. As trends develop and evolve, they also pick up new styles of their own. Homeowners are turning to what can only be described as a ‘soft modern’ look. Top notch craftsmanship mixed with the clean cut, crisp, and classic modern we know and love.


5.    Bringing the Outdoors In


Natural lighting is the best for selfies (so we’ve heard). An emerging trend in home building has been better integrating the outdoors with indoors. Large custom windows, large scale door panels plus more are just a few amenities we offer that can shine the light into your home.


The whole point of building a custom home is making it completely and personally you. Legion Builders is ready to work with you to incorporate both industry trends and personal style to develop a home you’ll never want to leave! To learn more about our custom home building services, visit our website or give us a call at (281) 914-3080.

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